A Brand’s Bible To Getting Started With Influencers On TikTok

For an app that was considered a low engagement and frivolous content platform when it first started, TikTok has come a long way in capturing the imagination of modern social media users. Every factor that made early critics write the platform off is now working in its favor. The short, bite-sized 15-second videos are the ideal consumption volume for users engaging in the endless scroll, particularly during a pandemic year.

From light-hearted content like lip-sync videos and make-up tutorials to the actual content that makes a difference, TikTok has become a melting point of cultures and views. It only makes sense that such an easily accessible and consumable platform would capture the imagination of users through influencer marketing. Brands must recognize the reach of influencer marketing on TikTok and curate specific marketing strategies around it.

The TikTok User Base

Gen Z accounts for 60% of TikTok’s user base which makes it easy for a brand to dismiss the platform from their marketing efforts, owing to the perceived narrow customer base. In reality, it would be myopic to do so. The ease of use and short format content of TikTok has democratized it across demographics, with more and more people above 30 adopting the platform every day.

This works both ways, creating infinite opportunities for advertisers. While brands with a traditionally older demographic like The Washington Post have revamped their marketing strategy for a younger audience on TikTok, several electrical appliances have started creating content on TikTok to find their traditional older audience on the app. Regardless of your audience, it is worth investing in a marketing strategy that also covers TikTok today.    

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Why Influencers Thrive On TikTok

In a short period, TikTok has become the biggest playground for influencers. Many of them invest more time creating content for TikTok, and the results are undeniable. TikTok is dominating the social media game today. Unlike other platforms where a video is an option, here it is a norm. TikTok helps influencers find new audiences and grow their followers. For popular celebrities from Vine such as Zach King and Logan Paul, TikTok is a throwback to an era of short-format videos that make a high impact.

The algorithm allows videos to go viral more organically, and an influencer can go viral based purely on merit. This makes it a far more enticing platform than other social media channels. TikTok also allows influencers to create a genuine connection with their audience. Audiences get authentic content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging, all in short bursts.

Finding The Right Influencers For Your Brand

Once you have decided to adopt TikTok as a legitimate marketing channel for your brand and are ready to invest in influencer marketing, finding influencers that offer the best synergy and ROI is necessary. The aim of influencer marketing is simple. They help you reach an engaged audience directly that you might find challenging to tap into on your own. These users trust the influencers as a genuine voice of reason and are willing to invest in brands based on their opinion.

However, there needs to be a link between the values and tone of the brand and the influencer. If that is achieved and their fan base is your target audience, brands should proceed with the influencer campaign. Examples of successful collaborations include Kristen Hancher for Too Faced, HaueterFamily for F’real, and Nicktangorra for Mucinex.

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How To Reach Out To Influencers

Once a brand has discovered a synergy with an influencer and the common tone, it is time to approach the influencer. Brands need to keep in mind that influencers are a two-way street and benefit both parties. While the brand gets access to its target audience, influencers increase their followers while getting compensated adequately. The brand needs to establish the overall brand goals for the campaign with the influencer beforehand. The campaign size is usually based on the size of the target niche and the tier to which the influencer belongs. As the area of expertise is the Internet, it is best to engage with the influencers through social media channels.

With a pitch that establishes the audience, the USPs, the deliverables, the finances and the goals, brands have a significant chance of attracting the right influencer. To avoid going through all this, brands can directly get in touch with influencer marketing agencies to leverage their contacts and establish a direct connection with the influencer.

Questions To Ask While Interviewing An Influencer

Influencers are new-age entrepreneurs who are determined to grow their personal brand ethically and exponentially. The key to interviewing influencers is to assure them that there is an alignment between the campaign’s goals and synergy between the goals and aspirations in the long term. This will ensure equal attention to the campaign from both parties involved. Questions about the influencer’s operations and posting schedules are essential to gauge their ability to plan and operate effectively. Their ability to respond to the failure of a post demonstrates their problem-solving skills.

Questions about sponsorships help estimate their brand awareness and business acumen. The other important aspects of judging are their community-building skills and their collaboration plans. Brands can ascertain these with questions regarding their audience mobilization and social media partnership skills. Once the brand is satisfied with the ability and eagerness of the influencer, it makes it much easier to collaborate on campaigns.

Collaborations & Contracts 

While designing influencer marketing campaigns, it is beneficial to consider collaborations between two or more influencers. Either the brand or the contracted influencer can carry it out. The biggest benefit of this is the ability to target multiple niches by leveraging the influence of the involved content creators. This is extremely popular on TikTok as influencer houses have revolutionized the brand marketing space. The biggest example is the Fenty Beauty House, which churns out immaculate content at breakneck speed.

Contracts between brands and influencers need to be completely honest concerning the influencer’s deliverables and the metrics to be achieved. Once both parties have a clear sight of the goal, it is easier to proceed with a campaign. The contract must include a provision that allows the brand to review the content. Once all the regulatory and legal checks are complete, all that’s left to do is sign the dotted line.

Measuring Success Of An Influencer Campaign

The metrics should include easily trackable influencer goals. These include direct sales, web traffic, engagement rate, and follower count. The engagement rates cover the existing user base of the influencer as well as new followers that the brand accrues. The engagement needs to represent itself in conversion rates that can be tracked through email subscriptions, free trials and direct sales. Like most marketing campaigns, it is important to periodically look at the data and analytics and tweak the campaign for the best possible results.

The perfect campaign is a rare holy grail in marketing. If it’s your first influencer marketing campaign, chances are it will need a constant course correction. This in no way suggests the campaign is a failure. Still it is important to respond to the constantly evolving trends of TikTok. With all the checks and balances in place, every influencer marketing campaign will ultimately help improve your brand’s RoI. 

TikTok is a platform that people have embraced for information, entertainment, and overall positivity. In polarizing circumstances, video content provides solace from the stress of everyday life. Creators on TikTok are artists in their own right and can resonate with audiences around the world. It is also a fact that users will always need brands. It is simply a no-brainer that all the three — TikTok, brands, and influencers — work together to create a simple and effective delivery mechanism. Brands that wait any longer to include TikTok in their marketing strategies miss out on potential opportunities to grow a dedicated fan base. Follow the tips in the blog and get started with influencer marketing on TikTok before it’s too late!

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