Here’s How Much You Should Be Spending On Twitch Influencer Marketing

twitch influencer marketing

With Twitch’s burgeoning reputation, you’ve decided this is where you want to promote your brand. Niche influencers are your best bet for connecting with your target audience, and you are prepared to pay whatever it takes to connect with your customers. But how much does Twitch influencer marketing cost?

As a marketer, you understand your metrics and can price the “eyeballs” you receive on your promotional material when working with an influencer. It can be $1 or $1,000, depending on the influencer you’re working with and their reach on social media. But since Twitch is a relatively young platform for influencer marketing, you are not sure of the Twitch influencer cost. 

Well, we are here to help you determine how much to pay an influencer to promote your content on their stream and channel. 

How Twitch Works

Twitch is a video streaming platform that’s immensely popular with gamers. Gamers use it to broadcast themselves playing their favorite games and participate in eSports tournaments. But lately, there’s been a growing number of streamers creating content in other niches such as DIY, music, lifestyle, and creative content. However, video gamers are the most popular streamers on Twitch and get the most views on their content. 

Twitch users watch live streams on the platform for many reasons, but it all boils down to three key issues:

  • The streamer is a highly skilled gamer who understands his craft. 
  • The streamer has an engaging personality. 
  • The streamer can hold their viewers’ attention with great personality and skill. 

The streamers that get many views on their content often use live gaming to promote products for brands looking to reach a specific segment of the population pay streamers to talk about their products during the stream or mention them in their chat. 

Understanding Twitch Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing on Twitch is similar to influencer marketing on other platforms, only that it uses live streaming rather than images or recorded videos to promote products. Because of the nature of the medium, Twitch is perfect for product unboxing, giveaways, and product shoutouts. 

As a brand looking to reach the right consumers for your products, you can contact a relevant streamer and ask them to talk about your brand during the stream. A Twitch marketing campaign goes beyond product mentions during a broadcast. The influencer can incorporate your branding into their channel or even use your product when they go live on the platform. 

For example, a streamer promoting an energy drink company can casually take the drink when playing a game. Alternatively, a streamer can wear headphones during a broadcast and explain to the audience where to get a similar set to enhance their gaming experience. The Twitch influencer pricing for such campaigns depends on the influencer’s average concurrent viewers and the campaign goals. 

How To Use Twitch for Marketing

Twitch’s impressive audience numbers and composition make it an attractive platform for brand marketing and product promotion. The platform receives 140 million unique monthly visitors, with an average of 30 million visitors each day. More than half of Twitch’s users are young, with statistics showing that 41% of its users are between the ages of 16 and 24 years, while a further 32% are between 25 and 34 years. 

twitch demographics

Figure 1: Twitch demographics. Source: Mediakix

If these demographic figures describe your ideal customer, Twitch influencer marketing is the best way to reach them. Below are the things you need to do to run an effective influencer campaign on Twitch. 

Set Marketing Goals

Don’t launch a campaign on Twitch without defining your goals. Setting clear goals will help you come up with the best strategy to achieve those goals. Make sure your goals are measurable to make it easy to track your progress. For example, if you want to use Twitch influencer marketing to boost your sales, a goal like “increasing sales by 50% in 4 months” is stronger and easier to track than “increasing sales”. This goal is not only measurable but also time-bound to help you stay focused on your target. 

Understand the Average Twitch User

Before you start any campaign on Twitch, you should remember that the platform has a young user base that’s predominantly male. These are the people who will come across your content when you choose to advertise on the platform. You are better off marketing your products elsewhere if these aren’t your ideal customers. 

You also want to research the different content creators on the platform to ensure you spend your marketing dollars in the right place. The influencer you choose to work with should have a deep connection with the consumers you are targeting. 

Entertain First, Advertise Later

Don’t be in a hurry to tell consumers how great your products are. Spend some time building a relationship with your audience and when they eventually warm up to your brand, you can start telling them about your products. 

Let the influencer you are working with entertain your audience through interactive gameplay. Let them mention your brand lightly in their streams as they engage with the audience. When the viewers come to trust your brand, they will be open to learning about your products. 

Find The Right Influencer

Your success with Twitch marketing depends on finding the right influencer to promote your products. The influencers you choose to work with should have the audience you are trying to reach and be relevant to your brand. They should also match your goals and brand values to make your influencer collaboration successful. 

Interact with Your Audience

Stream interaction is a must if you want to attract users to your brand. When you go live on the platform, engage your viewers and respond to the questions they post in the chat. This will make your stream interactive and help you build a loyal fanbase. 

live streamer interacting with fans

How Much To Pay A Streamer

Given the different types of partnerships brands can implement when working with influencers, the cost of Twitch influencers can vary. And since the platform is still young when it comes to influencer marketing, we can’t apply the pricing formulas used for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube influencer marketing. So, what can you do?

Below, we share some of the measures you can use to determine how much to pay your Twitch streamer. 

Consult your network

The easiest way to determine the right Twitch influencer cost is to consult your network. Talk to other marketers who have conducted Twitch influencer marketing campaigns and ask them how much they paid the influencer to promote their products. Beyond the price they paid, you also want to know the factors they considered to determine the right pay for the influencer. This information will help you develop the right offer for the streamers who will promote your brand to their audience. 

Use pricing formulas

There are many formulas you can use to determine the Twitch advertising cost, but the most popular one is:

(ACV)*(Minutes of sponsored content) *(0.015)

ACV stands for “average concurrent viewers”, which is the average number of viewers a creator has during their broadcasts. The term “minutes of sponsored content” refers to how long you want the streamer to promote your products during their streams. So, if you want a streamer to promote your products for one hour, the minutes of sponsored content is “60.” The last number is a coefficient that represents the streamer. 

Using this formula, a streamer with 2000 ACV promoting your brand for one hour would equal $1,800. 


In cases where the formula doesn’t work for you and you don’t have reliable contacts to consult with, you just have to ask. Talk to the influencer and ask them how much they charged for influencer marketing collaborations in the past. Use the information they provide to come up with an appropriate offer for your campaign. 


If the influencer doesn’t like your initial offer, you will have to negotiate to find the best Twitch advertising cost. The influencer will respond to your initial offer with a counteroffer, and you need to scrutinize it to determine if it’s worth it. If the influencer’s proposed rate is too high and they are not willing to come down, call off the deal and move on to other targets. 

red bag of coins

What Else Can You Do?

From experience, we can tell you it takes good communication to strike a good deal. Use these tips when looking for appropriate streamers for your brand’s marketing. 

  • Reach out to as many relevant influencers as possible and ensure you have plans B, C, etc. 
  • Communicate everything with the influencer to ensure they know what they are getting themselves into. 
  • Keep the influencer engaged throughout the preparation phase to show your commitment. 
  • Be concrete and professional with your offers. Don’t keep changing your offers along the way, as it makes you a less desirable sponsor. 
  • Negotiate before the agreement comes into place — Don’t negotiate the Twitch advertising cost while the influencer is working on your campaign as this could affect their productivity. 
  • Listen to the influencer when planning the campaign because they know their audience better than you. Thank them when the campaign is over for the fantastic work they have done. 

Twitch influencer marketing is a relatively new concept, making it difficult to determine the Twitch influencer cost. This blog outlines what you must do to determine the appropriate remuneration for the streamer you are working with. In addition to the money, go ahead and include freebies in the package – gamers require good gear to keep their game going! 

And if you need help finding good streamers, we’re there to help you. Our AI-driven platform, AtisfyReach, connects interesting brands with the “best-fit” influencers based on specific campaign goals and outcomes. The platform accelerates the entire influencer marketing journey thereby optimizing time, resources, and budgets efficiently. 

Register your interest now. Your search for the perfect influencer ends soon with AtisfyReach.

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