Instagram Link Stickers: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Instagram Link Stickers

We can gladly bid adieu to the endless IG stories that say, “Swipe up for the link”. Thanks to Instagram, which has now introduced Link Stickers, the entire experience of Stories is different. Instagram cites that links can prove to be impactful for cause-based accounts, small creators, and businesses. 

Earlier sharing links were limited to two options. One was “swipe up” for those with above 10k followers and just saying “link in bio” for the rest. Now it is easier and more customizable. Hence, brands should optimize this new feature to use the algorithm in their favor.  

In this blog, let us delve more into what the new feature offers and how to use it for your brand. 

What Is The New Link Share Feature?

Link stickers are interactive elements that may be added to Instagram stories via the app. They have a fairly uniform aesthetic, similar to other interactive story stickers. They have a white background with a link icon and the domain of any URL you choose. Link stickers, like other Instagram story features, are simple to change. You may resize, reposition, and angle them to have them blend in with your content or stand out and draw attention.

Users will see a pop-up encouraging them to visit the URL you selected when they tap on your link sticker. The corresponding page loads automatically in the Instagram browser by tapping the Visit Link pop-up.  

In short, users with any number of followers, who have the latest updated app, can add direct clickable links to stories that redirect to the desired webpage.

How Do Instagram Link Stickers Work?

In 5 simple steps, you can add link stickers to your Instagram stories :

Step 1: Create an Instagram Story

Tap the + icon in the upper-right corner of the Instagram app. Create a new story by adding photographs, making a short video, or writing a message using the text tool from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, select an Instagram post to include in your story. To create a story, tap the paper plane icon beneath the post.

Step 2: Add a Link Sticker to Your Story

Done creating your Story? Now, tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen. Find the link sticker by searching or scrolling through the possibilities. To add a link sticker, tap it and type or paste the URL you’d like to include. Recheck the link and tap Done.

Step 3: Place and Resize the Link Sticker

By default, link stickers show in the center of your story layout. To shift yours, tap and drag it to a new location on the screen. Use two fingers to increase or reduce the size of a link sticker. You can also orient the sticker at any angle you choose with the same gesture.

Keep adding and adjusting stickers, GIFs, and other features until your story is ready to share. Instagram users can visit the URL by tapping the link sticker and then tapping the Visit Link pop-up once it’s live.

Step 4: Share Your Story in DMs

Once you publish, everyone can see your Instagram story for the next 24 hours. You can also share it in DMs to ensure certain users don’t miss it. For instance, you may send it to a prospect interested in your products or a follower looking for more information from you. To forward in a DM, open a story and tap the three dots in the lower-right corner. Enter any Instagram username in the ‘Send to’ field. Tap the blue button and your story is now in the inbox of your intended user. 

Step 5: Add Your Story to a Highlights Album

Are you looking for a way to get more out of your Instagram link sticker? After you’ve published your story, make it a highlight, so it stays on your profile.

Select Story Highlight from the menu by tapping the + icon at the top of your Instagram profile. To add a story to your album, go through your story archives and find the one you want.

Alternatively, you can view your current story by tapping on your profile image. To make a story highlight, tap the heart icon in the lower-right corner. Give the highlight a name and then tap the blue Add button. 

As simple as that, you now have no reason not to add links to your Instagram Story. Ensure that you send out at least one link with each. Also, use your analytics to analyze how your link performs. 

Instagram algortihm phone

Benefits Of New Link Sharing Feature

The new feature comes with some obvious benefits for users. 

1. Freedom of expression 

Users can be creative with how and where they would like to visually present the link in a story. Since they are still new, now is the time to experiment and play around with them. Brands can do a lot with the new feature, imagination being the limit! You can create your sticker templates to stay true to the brand colors that your audience recognizes. You can try overlays of logos or taglines over the original link to give it a more customized link. Don’t miss out on sending CTAs, as we always preach. 

2. Quick Access

The swipe-up system had a flaw in that it limited users’ ability to interact with stories that contained swipe-up links. Viewers were unable to respond to linked Stories promptly, which meant fans could not interact with their favorite influencers, or brands. This limitation does not apply to link stickers. This is wonderful news for business owners and influencers because their audience will now interact directly with them. 

3. One destination

All stickers for Stories are available in one location – links, mentions, locations, polls, etc. This makes Instagram slicker than ever before. The streamlined approach directly benefits smaller, boutique brands who previously had difficulty directing customers to their websites, press coverage, or other resources.

Pro Tips For Those New To The Link Sharing Feature!

1. Don’t wait to hit 10k!

Instagram link stories feature is available to everyone with an updated app. Even if you are not a huge community yet, you can still use it. Use it for just that! Build your community by designing different panels and individual link stickers for each content item. Each panel can point to a separate community post, making it easier for clients to access relevant information. If you have a lot of highly specialized content to post, it can be difficult to promote it on Instagram. But now it is way easier with link stickers.

2. Use links with branded content

Because nano-influencers now have more authority to promote their partners on Instagram with affiliate links, this development benefits the affiliate, the influencer, and the partnership marketing industry. This new functionality and its growth allow influencers’ following to tap through to the brand’s website, allowing influencer management solutions to track the referral. The ability for businesses to promote Stories using the Paid Partnership tag and a link sticker will be blocked, so don’t use the link sticker on the content you want to promote with ads.

3. Review old story highlights

It is a good idea to go back to some of your old posts and stories and see if they can be given a fresh lease. You may now have some links to go with the old stories, to get them more views. Also, you can repost UGC, new and old to generate more engagement. Remember to use more creativity while reposting rather than simply resharing a fan’s post. Try adding them in clusters with a link to your website or Instagram store. Brands can bring back nostalgic content using links to old posts with the feature. 

Those aiming to boost engagement, traffic, and sales can use Instagram’s various features. Brands have a whole range of options in the app’s toolkit at their disposal, to create compelling stories that attract customers and drive conversions. The platform’s newest link stickers feature is yet another way it empowers entrepreneurs and leads to excellent business outcomes. Even if there is a period of adjustment, the additional creative freedom will be a huge benefit in the long run. Link stickers will likely become a treasured platform feature as they allow your influencers to have greater contact with their followers.

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