The Top NFT Influencers Dominating YouTube And Twitter In 2022

For brands looking to collaborate with NFT influencers, several trailblazers in the domain have taken to social platforms to educate, motivate, and elevate the crypto community. All critical and trending information about NFT and crypto is first shared by crypto influencers on Twitter and YouTube, which is why we’ve compiled a list of accounts you should follow for collaborations or awareness. This list is relevant for beginners to seasoned NFT veterans. 

1. Gary Vee 

Why brands should collaborate/USP:

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality who has risen to the top of the NFT world. He is constantly educating his audience about NFT trends on his Twitter and YouTube accounts, and launching projects inside the metaverse. He is also the founder of VaynerMedia and the inventor of VeeFriends, an NFT enterprise centered on valuable intellectual property and a vibrant community. In just 90 days, he generated roughly $91 million from the Vee Friends NFT launches.

2. RealMissNFT

Why brands should collaborate/USP: 

RealMissNFT has been highlighting the work of young artists through her strong follower count and her newly established website Every week, RealMissNFT features the work and stories of two emerging NFT artists. Her daily tweets about NFTs provide updates on new NFT projects with high potential.

Figure 1: RealMissNFT features NFT artists on her website. Source: 

3. Deeze

Why brands should collaborate/USP: 

DeezeFi hosts interesting Twitter Spaces talks about NFT pricing and “Fractional Fridays.” Deeze is the director of vibes at, a website where you can buy, sell, and mint fractions of NFTs and NEONDAO that help support and build the metaverse’s vision.

4. Farokh

Why brands should collaborate/USP: 

Farokh is the founder of Rug Radio on Twitter Spaces and an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, community builder, and more. Rug RadioGM is the first media platform that is entirely decentralized. Naturally, the initiative also includes RUGNFT. This is a Utility NFT that generates tokens and regulates the ecosystem’s cadence and exchange. The longer you have your Utility NFT, the more tokens you’ll get. 

Farokh is a true inspiration in the community, and he promotes young artists and other members of the community. His Twitter account is active, full of thoughts and newsworthy information, and is a lot of fun to follow.

Figure 2: RugRadio is the first completely decentralized media platform. Source: RugRadio

5. OhhShiny

Why brands should collaborate with them/USP:

OhhShiny is the vibrant and talented host of the OhhShiny Show. The OhhShiny show brings together the freshest and best from the metaverse. OhhShiny tweets daily words of wisdom and motivation and is always searching for ways to give voice to people in the space that need it the most. OhhShiny’s “Community Office Hours” segment, which airs every Friday at 11 a.m. ET, is a terrific example of how to help NFT newbies. Community Office Hours features projects and creators in the metaverse who are doing something unique but could use some guidance on moving forward. OhhShiny and his colleagues give voice to these new initiatives while also providing meaningful advice.

6. Matty DCL

Why brands should collaborate/USP: 

In the NFT world, Matty DCL is a legend. He’s gone from flipping land in Decentraland to starting a media outlet, and now he’s working on an NFT project called “Metakey”. Matty is always sharing educational stuff in the form of tweets, blogs, and videos. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts updates on what’s going on in the world of NFT. “For many who’ve “made it,” this was not a side thing, rather the most important thing.” He believes that entering the NFT space is not a get-rich-quick strategy.

7. Max Maher

Why brands should collaborate/USP: 

Max Maher’s channel teaches all you need to know about brands dominating this space. His channel covers everything crypto-related, from finding the next coin to invest in minting your own NFT collections. Call him the one-stop shop for all crypto and NFT-related information. He also describes himself as a cryptocurrency tutor on Twitter, with a preference for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

8. Jose Delbo

Why brands should collaborate/USP: 

Jose Delbo, a legendary comic book artist, has joined the NFT craze. This creative celebrity, best known for his work on Wonder Woman and the Transformers, has evolved into an NFT influencer and enthusiast. If you want to learn how an old-school, classical artist is becoming one of the top NFT creators on the blockchain, you may follow him on his many social media pages.

Figure 3: The artist behind some famous comics is now an avid NFT creator. Source: Twitter

9. Brett Malinowski

Why brands should collaborate/USP: 

You’ll need Brett Malinowski’s channel to navigate NFT areas safely. He is the Magic Mushroom NFT initiatives developer and is an NFT Enthused content creator. NFTs, according to Brett, are the future and will reach dizzying heights. To make the workings of the NFT universe more understandable, he has created a series of explanatory videos that explain it clearly. His informative content has benefited many, including rookies and those trading for a long time, so his channel has a considerable following. Observing his channel can help you identify the next major NFT projects and understand how people profit by just flipping NFT. 

10. Carl Hustle

Why brands should collaborate with them/USP:

Carl Hustle is a unique investing channel. We included them in our list since their new video about NFTs is worth viewing. They’ve got you covered, from building your own NFTs to launching your own NFT discord server to promoting your NFT project for freebies worth considering.

A Group of NFT Believers

Why are so many influential people suddenly talking about NFTs? Because it’s one of the most revolutionary blockchain technologies yet. NFTs, according to some experts, will impact all intellectual property. NFTs are a game-changing development in technology; hence piggybacking on influencers can help your brand stay updated with the current events and get a jumpstart on your own social media promotions for your NFT endeavors. 

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