Tips To Develop Your Brand’s TikTok Marketing Strategy

A true test of how ingrained a social media platform is in society today is whether people use its name as a verb. Following in the footsteps of doyens such as Facebook and Google, TikTok is now used as a verb by the youth. It is inevitable that brands realize the potential of the platform and start creating TikTok marketing strategy around it. 

In addition to being a verb, TikTok boasts some mind-boggling statistics that firmly establish the platform as a legitimate marketing medium. Check them out here: 10 Major TikTok Stats Marketers Need to Know.

With the average user spending 52 minutes a day on the platform, TikTok is relevant to all brands and offers them new avenues of opportunities to target a niche audience unlike ever before. While there is severe uncertainty with regards to traversing the waters of TikTok from a marketing perspective, there are certain steps that marketers can follow to craft the perfect TikTok marketing strategy. Read on to learn more.

Increase Your Discoverability Through Hashtags

Hashtags have been a great way to catalog content on social media platforms and the same holds true for TikTok. When users choose to view content on the ‘Discover’ tab, they are shown content that is sorted by hashtags. While figuring out the right hashtags for a video, brands are taking care of their SEO needs on the platform, per se. This helps amplify the content more effectively and attract the right users who are seeking the content. With unique and effective hashtags that aren’t generic, videos can be used to attract an audience that is relevant to your brand. While more hashtags increase the probability of discoverability on Instagram, this isn’t the case on TikTok. Do a proper competitor analysis and use hashtags that are popular within the niche market you are targeting. 

Hashtags are extremely crucial to increase reach, awareness and credibility. Get a better understanding of TikTok hashtags from the best with: Make The Ultimate Use Of Hashtags To Become A TikTok Influencer.

Stay-On-Top Of TikTok Trends

TikTok is the fastest moving platform in terms of culture. Trends are born every day and used by the whole world before you can realize them. In this blink-and-miss environment, it is imperative to keep tabs on every new trend. This could be a song, a dance move, a hashtag, or a dialogue. Content strategies must be kept flexible to give you enough breathing space to adapt to any new trend that might be relevant to your cause. That being said, while it is important to jump on the bandwagon early when there’s a new trend, avoid mindlessly copying it. There is room for originality even within the fine margins of TikTok and videos that are a unique take on something popular are widely appreciated.

Figure 1. Trending hashtags. Source: Later

Increase Engagement Through Interaction

TikTok’s algorithm also amplifies and promotes videos based on the number of interactions users have with it. Engagement plays a key role in videos being discovered by users as well as creating an impression among potential customers. The best way to engage with customers is through comments. Not only does this add a bit of personalization, but it also helps build conversations and push a narrative in a way that you like. The TikTok algorithm takes the number of likes a comment has received into account to rank comments. This makes the comment worth even more. Put some thought into every engagement and try to build excitement around the brand by interacting with users who could be potential target customers.

Across social media platforms, the metric that matters the most is engagement. To optimize your content for the best possible engagement, have a look at our blog: 10 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement.

Find TikTok Influencers In Your Niche

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective and direct ways to promote a brand on social media. On TikTok, in particular, it has infinite possibilities through the video-only format. On a primarily visual platform, influencers have the biggest impact on the audience. Being an influencer is hard work as building an invested, engaged and loyal fan base isn’t easy. If you can find an influencer whose values and audience align with your brand, then it is highly recommended to engage them in your marketing strategy. TikTok has its brand of influencers who have mastered the platform and opened up a whole new avenue of marketing opportunities through short, impactful videos. Leverage off their knowledge and reach while you attempt to craft the perfect marketing campaign. 

Influencers and TikTok are a combination designed to succeed. Once you realize your brand needs TikTok, you also need to collaborate with the perfect influencer. To understand how, check out: Your Guide to Influencer Marketing on TikTok.

TikTok Marketing Strategy

Master Filters, Effects, Sounds Of TikTok

The shorter the video content, the more challenging it is to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, TikTok gives users enough options to be creative with their suite of effects. From unique filters and sounds to cinematic effects and transitions, every short clip on TikTok has the potential to be an emotional rollercoaster of cinematic scale. These filters and effects are categorized, making it easier for brands to choose the ones that align the best with their market. These categories include New, Editing, Trending, Interactive, Funny, Animal, World, and Beauty. To top this off, TikTok offers the option of a green screen effect to change the background into absolutely anything!

Stay Consistent In Posting Content

TikTok rewards users for posting content consistently and effectively. While every video should be of a certain quality and standard from a content point of view, don’t hold back from posting in search of the perfect masterpiece every time. The accounts and brands with the most number of followers usually post the most content. Within the realms of accounts that post the most content, the quality then becomes a differentiator. However, accounts that don’t even meet the minimum standard of posting regular content aren’t even in contention against the consistent accounts. As the whole aim is to get more users to follow your brand, posting more content helps them discover you. Once you reach a certain number of users, the ones who truly connect with the content will follow your account.

Monetize TikTok Marketing Efforts With Ads

Making the work of brands slightly easier, TikTok allows users to post formal ads through an advertising system that helps them reach users. Currently, there are 3 types of ads on the platform. The first is In-feed native ads. These are the most traditional form of ads on TikTok and allow brands to add their website link as well as a call to action such as ‘Order Now’ or ‘Learn More.’ These are skippable ads and can be used in multiple ways. The second type is Hashtag challenge ads. These are essentially challenges that are posted by a brand and reach the users through a banner. Once they click on it, they are taken to a page with the specific rules and regulations. These are a great way to reach really specific users. The third and final type of ad is a Brand takeover ad. These are an added layer that links to a hashtag challenge or the brand’s landing page. They use GIFs, videos, and images to attract users and transport them to the challenge/landing page once they click on the post. Like any business, ads on TikTok are an effective way to monetize your marketing efforts. 

TikTok Marketing Strategy

Figure 2. TikTok global user spending by the month. Source: Sensor Tower


Increase Traffic Through Other Social Channels

Most brands who have chosen to market themselves on TikTok, in all likelihood, also have accounts on other social media platforms with their curated marketing strategies. As TikTok videos are super easy to save and link, it is imperative to share links to TikTok content, or the content itself, on other platforms to amplify it among your existing users there. For instance, a user might diligently engage with your images on Instagram but is unaware of the video content on TikTok. This user can be used as a de facto loyalist to spread the word about your brand and the content being shared. 

Use Analytics To Optimize Strategy

Brands need to update to a Pro account, without any additional cost, to access TikTok’s analytics to understand the performance of their marketing strategy.  There are 3 types of analytics options on TikTok – Overview, Content, and Followers. Overview covers the Video Views, Follower Count, and Profile Views. Content dives into data for your posts and how they have been performing over time. This helps with an understanding of themes, sounds, hashtags, or formats that seem to resonate with the audience. The Followers tab assesses your followers and provides a detailed breakdown of their geographies, activity, and demographics, as well as what content they have been consuming.

TikTok Marketing Strategy


Large parts of the online population have ceased consuming mainstream content and have moved to quicker, more easily accessible social media content. These are also the users who are most likely to engage with brands online. TikTok cuts across generations and demographics to connect brands with a large user base, no matter how niche they are. Marketers need to understand the potential of TikTok marketing and follow the steps in this blog to have the best shot at succeeding.

There are several layers to TikTok and understanding them all helps crafting the perfect strategy. Take a deep dive into TikTok marketing with: TikTok for Business 101: Everything Brands Need to Know.

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