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Almost everyone is on social media. People connect, brands find their audience, and there is always something happening. But the landscape of social media is such that it is constantly evolving. One such addition is Instagram Reels, which should be topping the list for marketers this year. 

Initially criticized as a “Tiktok copycat,” Reels have grown tremendously. In fact, Instagram Reels is the most popular content format on the platform. Instagram has always been a valuable platform for brands and marketers, and today, Reels are creating new opportunities with incredible reach, high engagement, and discoverability benefits to grow your business. You can share micro-video clips with your community and deliver the message while being relevant.

This new facet of the Instagram app is growing every day, and you don’t want to miss this latest content format. There’s a lot to gain by using Instagram Reels for your marketing, and we tell you how to use it to find your target audience.

Benefits Of Using Instagram Reels For Marketing 

Your audience is always up for valuable content that makes them think. Instagram Reels offer the path to be relevant while delivering your message. The significant benefits of why you should be incorporating Instagram Reels for your marketing are:

Better visibility: With Instagram Reels, you can reach your target audience in a new format.

Better shareability: Reels have higher engagement and shareability, unlike stories that vanish automatically after 24 hours if not saved in highlights.

Better discoverability: Reels can make your content widely popular and discoverable beyond your community. A public Reel may appear on the explore tab and make your content available to users outside your followers.

It’s interesting to note that Reels are a relatively new feature, and Instagram is boosting it to let more users create content in this format. So, it is the right time to cash this opportunity and make it a roadway to spike follower count and business growth.

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Mind-Blowing Reels Stats To Look At

Still not convinced how Reels could be the tool you need to propel your business? Take a look at these astounding statistics that will serve as an eye-opener:

  • Reels offers NBA franchises 22% higher engagement compared to Instagram posts and stories.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers used Instagram Reels to amass a colossal engagement of more than 385,000 engagements and more than 4.1M plays on a single video.  
  • The total plays recorded for Houston Rockets on their Reels were 11.7M across five videos.
  • The luxury brand Louis Vuitton comes with an average of 7M views for every Reel.
  • The beauty giant Sephora France garners more than 453K views on each Reel.
  • Red Bull France has unlocked more than 2.4M views on its most popular Reel, and several are going viral with its successful Instagram Reel marketing.
  • The transition Reels are a hit, and fashion icon/influencer Junesixtyfive has gotten more than 2.7M views.
  • Balmain receives more than 1.2M views and 100K+ likes on each Reel.

Fantastic Tips for Using Instagram Reels For Your Business 

Reels offer a new path to present a content format you have never served before. Creating Instagram Reels in this micro-video format provides engaging ways to connect with your audience. You can brainstorm a few different ways and can use them strategically.

  • Share Educational Content

One tried and tested way to accelerate Reel growth is educational Reels. Depending on your brand’s niche, you can experiment with various ideas and put them into Reels. Some Instagram educational ideas to begin with are:

  • Beauty influencer: Five ways to do skincare right
  • Fact sharer: Busting myths and expressing one’s opinions
  • Health guru: Six tips for eating healthy and managing weight
  • Stylists: How to style a white shirt in three different ways

The options are endless, and having something educational on the plate always gives your audience a reason to engage.

  • Showcase Your Products

Whether you sell beauty products, electronics, courses, or something else, Reels have a position in your social media strategy. Use Reels to demonstrate how beneficial your products are and take optimal use of various snippets and videos to craft stunning micro-videos that enchant users.

Also consider using hashtags, text overlays, and descriptive captions to help the Instagram algorithm understand your brand.

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  • BTS Content 

Behind-the-scenes content is a quick way to portray your business with more relatability and authenticity. Audiences love a quick sneak peek at what goes behind the camera as this content is personal and acts as a pathway to strengthen trust and build long-term relationships. 

Some quick BTS video formats you can try:

  • Share how you source materials
  • Introduce the packaging of the products
  • Introduce your team to your audience 
  • Share your brand story — from inception to completion, your journey, hurdles, etc. 
  • Announce Upcoming Sales and Promotions

Sharing about upcoming events or sales through Instagram Reels can help brand awareness. It serves in arousing curiosity and preparing the audience in advance about the upcoming events. You can talk about discounted prices and lucrative deals on products and services. You can also take a step ahead to partner with small businesses and bring in amazing deals for the audience.

Collaborations like this reinforce trust among your audience and other small businesses about your brand. It also helps in pulling in new followers. 

  • Use Insta Reels Ads

Ad placement in Reels is a proven way to reach a wider audience, and many brands are already making the most of it. These ads serve as an excellent tool to reach the target audience who scroll through your Reels and engage with different content. They came into the picture in June 2021, allowing advertisers to choose Reels as a place for their Instagram ads.

The placement leverages six advertising goals:

  • Brand Awareness 
  • Reach 
  • Traffic 
  • App Installs
  • Video Views 
  • Conversions 
  • Follow Trends 

When creating Reels, sticking to the trends is crucial. Following the latest Reel trends have the potential to make your Reels go viral. Amplify your content by giving your take on trending songs/audio, and adding fun to help your audience understand that you relate to their values, sense of humor, or aesthetics. Spending only 10 minutes on the platform can enlighten you about the recurring trends, and from there you can take your pick and brainstorm.

Jumping on a few seasonal trends also gives you an outstanding opportunity to promote timely specials or products.

  • Start Strong and End With a CTA

Starting strong on Reels is a good way to start for two reasons:

  1. You want to give scrollers a chance to stop and pay attention to your content.
  2. You want your followers to stop on your Reels and watch the complete video on the Reel tab.

Following trends using trending audio and features is excellent, but having a solid caption can’t be overlooked. Pay special attention to crafting thoughtful and relevant captions that the Instagram algorithm can easily understand to serve your content to the right people. Finally, bring it all together with a CTA to help your audience understand what to do next.

  • Collaborate With Influencers 

Influencer marketing on Instagram is going strong. When influencers give their authentic touch to your business, it can boost brand awareness enormously.

Take the opportunity to collaborate with suitable influencers who do quick reviews or can mention the benefits of your brand. Influencer collaborations widen the chance for a better reach and strengthen your brand’s authenticity.

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Start Making Instagram Reels Today!

Today, nothing is better than Instagram Reels for exposing your brand to the world globally. Reels are a fresh format to deliver previously basic content in a new form. It’s time to get on the path to craft your best Reels and make your brand unstoppable.

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