Level Up Your Feed! Share Your Brand Story Using Instagram Grids

instagram grids

Instagram is a fantastic tool for discovery; 50% of users use it to find new brands, products, or services. Furthermore, two out of three users claim that the network promotes positive connections with brands. 

Around the corner, your newest client might be waiting to fall in love with you! Your part is to design a feed that is “love at first sight.” Instagram has always made visuals the focal point of its content. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, brands will require a distinct strategy on Instagram to be a customer magnet. We think every brand must have a distinctive and impactful Instagram grids style. 

Is your brand’s Instapage in need of a makeover? Then read on for strategies to design your Instagram Grids in line with your brand’s aesthetics. 

Instagram Grids Strategies

Use an Instagram grid layout to communicate your brand narrative, showcase your creativity, or when in need of a refresh. A grid style helps you to convey your message clearly, especially when using social media for promotions or increasing traffic to your website. Consider it a representation of your brand as a whole in visual form. While each photograph you publish should engage your audience, your brand identity should be highlighted when your photos come together.

  • Create a mini-website with a grid

Though the look is a significant part of it, keep in mind that the real goal of your creative use of the grid is to market your company through your Instagram feed.

So it’s always a good idea to provide a little or condensed version of your main website through the grid. The Indian dessert company Frozen Bottle uses the grid-tiled look to market its brand’s offers in an exciting display of its products.

Frozen Bottle's Instagram feed

Figure 1: Frozen Bottle’s Instagram feed. Source: Frozen Bottle

  • Build a catalog or a menu

Brands in the lifestyle, fashion, and even food industries are masters of using Instagram grids for creative marketing. One of the main reasons is that the grid can be designed to appear like many different things, including a puzzle, a checkerboard, and a magazine catalog. Here is an example from Gucci’s Instagram page resembling a beauty essentials catalog. 

Gucci's Instagram feed mimics a beauty product catalog

Figure 2: Gucci’s Instagram feed mimics a beauty product catalog. Source: Gucci Beauty Official 

  • Try panoramas

Panoramas cause an interesting effect when they appear on a feed. Instead of using themed photos, you display one panoramic image throughout the length of the row or several rows. Each row consists of a single continuous photo split across three tiles; this establishes a theme and enables you to fully appreciate each image and how it relates to the other two. These layouts are perfect for travel brands promoting a destination or luggage products. 

  • Use columns to showcase creativity

A column grid is quite the norm on Instagram, but their popularity means they are great for many reasons. Horizontal or vertical, they can be used as theme breaks, series markers, etc. Columns are eye-catching and excellent for showcasing products uniquely. Break up the monotony by going vertical to stand apart from the horde of accounts showcasing their brands on horizontal grids. If you have anything standing tall, sturdy, and vertical, think of adding columns to your grid.

  • Use the diagonal grid style

A diagonal grid is more difficult to handle than basic square tiles or horizontal row grids, but it packs the biggest punch. You must plan your postings so that similar posts appear across a diagonal line in the grid. This means that every fourth tile you share is a planned image. You can use it to either highlight a theme or break up your feed in an exciting way. 

Example of a diagonal grid

Figure 3: Example of a diagonal grid. Source: Lisa Messenger

  • Use text to break the visual monotony 

Text posts are a lot of fun to add to your feed. Use them to inspire, share food for thought, quotes, etc. They can also make up for a string visual element if they line up on your feed either in the middle or sides or in a row or columns. You are bound to have seen many accounts using them on Instagram. 

  • Use colors for impact

Choosing one color and sticking with it is one of the simplest ways to decide on a theme for your feed. It can guide your creative path and also looks tidy and unified. If you select a serene and visually beautiful hue, it will be very inviting. Colors open up a whole new world for your grid. For a unified brand design, you may show everything through tinted filters, utilize color-coded rows and columns, create a rainbow style, experiment with color blocking, or simply use your brand colors. 

Instagram Grids Layout Ideas

Each Instagram post becomes a component of a larger image when it is arranged in perfect rows of three. It is a window into a person’s psyche, or at the very least, their content strategy. Instagram power users are experts at using this perspective to their advantage by carefully planning posts that, when combined, form a beautiful Instagram grids layout.

  • Rainbow grid

The rainbow grid pattern is imaginative, colorful, and exciting. It can make for a strong, striking look if you are willing to put effort into it and execute it successfully. Maintaining a consistent tone, color, or theme throughout your postings helps to unify the brand, but it may get boring. Despite being fun and creative, this layout needs meticulous planning and time spent finding and collaging the right-hued photographs. 

Because of this, if you create a weekly or monthly posting schedule, the rainbow Instagram grid style will be simpler to maintain. This is excellent for seasonal marketing since it may connect to various themes or trends. Use the color wheel to make the change between colors more seamless. 

Example of a rainbow-style Instagram grid

Figure 4: Example of a rainbow-style Instagram grid. Source: Sarah Peretz

  • Horizontal or vertical lines

Arrange three posts in line with the same tonality or a single theme in a horizontal grid. Such grids are perfect for travel websites or brands with impactful photos since they enable a panoramic perspective. These grids create a consistent impression and are relatively simpler to maintain. You can use this grid to highlight several features of the same product.

Vertical grids are more challenging to keep up with. You must be picky about the posts you make if you want to build this kind of Instagram grid layout. This is also commonly seen on Instagram feeds, where a long column of text or phrases may run vertically down the page. However, you can create a work of art and encourage your new visitors to continue scrolling through your feed. 

Another way to use horizontal or vertical Instagram girds is to divide the grid into squares that form a vertical/horizontal image to combine visual identity components with photographs. Patchi Chocolate’s Instagram feed is a beautiful inspiration for this style (photo below). This is a great strategy to tell a story throughout three posts. To keep your aesthetics and plot consistent, you should connect your left-to-right postings. 

Example of a vertical/horizontal Instagram grid

Figure 5: Example of a vertical/horizontal Instagram grid. Source Patchi Chocolate

  • Borders

Do you ever feel as if your grid could use tidying up? Use borders to give your grid that polished, sophisticated look. You may use white, black, or any other color or design you choose. Additionally, you may choose between square and rectangular photo formats. With the border Instagram grid, you will elevate your profile to a vintage-chic level. 

It is perfect for brands who want to keep the focus on the photographs rather than on the layout. On Instagram, you can spot this style of design used by high-end luxury brands. 

Example of a white border Instagram grid

Figure 6: Example of a white border Instagram grid. Source: Yukastudio

  • Puzzle grids

The puzzle’s design is visually rather spectacular. It includes combining photographs from your Instagram profile grid to create a single, finished image. Despite the time it takes to prepare them, the results are breathtaking. Each of your photographs should be able to stand alone and work with the other images surrounding it to form a cohesive whole for the best look. Here is how Netflix pulled it off for its series “Dark.” 

dark netflix tv series

Figure 7: Example of a puzzle-style Instagram feed. Source: DARK

  • Image stamp

This grid divides a single image into three, six, or nine posts. One of the earliest grid layouts on Instagram, this style is effective if you want to draw attention to certain photo features or demonstrate the scale of an event. Models, celebrities, and fashion designers frequently use this grid arrangement. However, this grid might degrade the followers’ experience and lower engagement levels if overused. Coca-Cola has smartly used this style sparingly now and then to draw attention to a campaign. 

image stamps

Figure 8: Example of Image stamps in Instagram feed. Source: Coca Cola

Spice Up Your Instagram Grids!

Because social media is today’s most visually appealing channel, what you share and how it appears directly impacts engagement, followers, and how your brand is seen online. Your company may communicate a value proposition, market a product, or carry out a campaign using a consistent Instagram theme. A lively, cohesive style may halt your followers mid-scroll and make them want to hit “Follow.” 

Working with influencers can also give your brand global visibility and supplement all your efforts in creating the perfect Instagram feed. AtisfyReach’s AI-driven algorithm matches brands with the ideal influencers based on the campaign’s goals – be it an increase in brand awareness, more engagement, or boosting revenue at scale. Find your perfect influencer today. Register on AtisfyReach. 

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