Align Your Marketing Strategy With Gen-Z In 2022

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GenZ! If we know them personally, they baffle us. On social media, they amaze us. Also known as teens, post-Millennials, iGeneration, they believe in calling the shots in how they lead their life. And that extends to their use of social media, following influencers, or even what they buy “into”. For marketers entering Gen Z marketing, appealing to them is nothing short of a challenge because they are not afraid to call out boring marketing content.

They are value-driven, conscious, and reject traditional marketing. With a large presence on social media and huge disposable income, it is important to tailor marketing efforts to their taste. So how do you connect with this section of our society that is soon to become the future buyers (some of them already are)? 

Let us delve more into the Gen Zers and how to market to those who crave authentic content and relationship with a brand than merely watching ads. 

Who Are Gen-Z?

Generation Z members are hyper-cognitive and eager to use technology. Online reputation marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing tactics, video content marketing, content creation, influencer marketing, and viral content marketing are all viable options for this generation.

Gen Z is the next generation of digital natives, born between 1996 and 2015. This generation is innovative, fearless, and the originators of several trends on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other social media sites. Today, the hyper-connected generation has an estimated purchasing power of $150 billion and a $665 billion domestic spending effect.   

The challenges of marketing to Gen Z might be daunting, but don’t let them deter you.  But it is good to familiarize yourself with them to cater to them more effectively. 

Short attention span 

Generation Z has an attention span of around 8 seconds. That’s a few seconds less than Millennials’ attention span, about 12 seconds. This implies that every second counts when it comes to Gen Z marketing.

Multiple devices

Generation Z is growing up in a world where technology and the internet are commonplace. It’s the age that grew up with the most modern gadgets around them, so it’s no wonder that they’re constantly switching between them.

Vocal on social 

Consumers in Generation Z have grown up in a personalized environment. They want marketers to tailor the experience to their demands. And, good or bad, they’ll almost certainly share their thoughts on social media. As a result, it’s necessary to keep in mind to be more attentive and open to criticism while marketing to Gen Z.

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7 Gen-Z-friendly Marketing Tips For 2022

If you haven’t already started thinking about this upcoming generation, 2022 is the year to do so. You can get into Gen Z’s audience and develop content they’ll interact with using a few methods designed exclusively to them – without alienating your present customers.

1. Values & Mission

To connect with Gen Z, you must show you care about a cause and make it count. 

These young people are being brought up in an era of progressive social change and discussion on various forms of inclusivity. Gen Z is concerned about current events and promotes causes near to their hearts, from body acceptance and gender fluidity to climate change, gun violence, and equal rights and representation. Any company looking to make money regardless of the collateral harm risks being rejected by Generation Z.

To reflect on your basic principles and figure out how to make a difference in society and the planet. Then, make sure Gen Z understands your mission and values. Build trust with meaningful values, genuine actions, and mission-driven content.

2. Transparency

The next phase in your Gen Z marketing plan is to make sure you’re being open and honest about any missteps you make.

Gen Zers happen to be adept researchers. They’ll go over a brand’s website in detail, look through its social media pages, and read comments and reviews.

When deciding which businesses to support, brand trust is just second to pricing. For Gen Z, company culture is important, and your brand should reflect the same values both outwardly and internally. Recruiting and working with a diverse group of creators and influencers isn’t enough. It needs to be ingrained in the brand’s DNA.

3. Create a brand personality

Say goodbye to the millennial-focused style of comb teeth curated content if you want to engage and connect with Gen Z. Gen Zers want bold companies that have a strong voice, and a personality, not just slick and simple graphics. Don’t be scared to create a stir!

Ensure the authentic Gen Z voice comes through loud and clear, whether you’re working with an influencer or an agency. Find individuals who speak the language, not just fake it.

4. Be entertaining and creative

Gen Z has revolutionized content creation and it is more accessible to this demographic than ever before. This fact encourages your audience to engage and interact with your marketing.  If they’re going to interact and re-share, it needs to seem exceptional to be worthy of their time and social clout.

Personality is important when it comes to branding that connects with these young customers. 

The greatest way for businesses to communicate who they are is via content that pushes creativity to new heights. Create and share extraordinary stories, photos, memes, films, and experiences that wow and entertain as much in their craft and visual appeal as they do in their concept and core messaging.  Create content that is either educational, entertaining, or valuable that’s also a fun way to promote your products or services. 

5. Build a community

According to Spotify, 54% of Gen Z believe brands can form communities based on shared interests and passions. And that is just what they seek: “belonging to a tribe.”

Working with influencers is one way for brands to help foster genuine connection and engagement.  Look for real people with unique content who represent your business’s ideals. Find people you believe can serve as ambassadors and tap into their networks in a way that seems less transactional and more real. It may be a creative, an artist, a thought-leader, or an activist.

Want to create a community with Gen Z? You’d be wise to go beyond considering them as ordinary consumers and instead tap into their potential to help define your brand.  Participation is the new expectation, and it fosters a genuine sense of belonging while also providing an enticing avenue for creative self-expression.

6. They trust influencers and are open to UGC

This younger generation expects a meaningful, tailored experience rather than a one-size-fits-all transaction. User-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing may help your company go even farther by using the power of creative, purpose-driven, authentic, and interactive content.

According to surveys, 44% of young adults have tested products or services introduced by digital creators. This signifies that influencer marketing will remain one of Generation Z’s most successful marketing trends in 2022 and that it should be embraced into your social media marketing approach.

Micro-influencers may be just as helpful to work with as a paid celebrity — or perhaps more so — depending on your business, demographic, and product. And, if you set your challenges or hashtag, the free exposure you may gain from UGC is invaluable.

7. Seamless mobile experience always!

According to an IBM poll, 75% of Generation Z chose a mobile phone or smartphone as their primary device. This makes sense when considering how much younger Gen Zers were than Millennials when they acquired their first smartphone.

Teens today, on average, receive their first phone when they are 12 or 13 years old. Furthermore, according to Google, Gen Z makes the majority of their internet purchases using their cell phones. As a result, businesses can’t overlook optimizing for mobile devices.

This includes choosing a mobile-friendly website style, streamlining your checkout process, and generating content specifically for mobile screens, such as vertical videos. You should think about this when developing your video content marketing and viral marketing campaigns.

Get Gen Z Ready!

Gen Z is a refreshingly awakened demographic. They establish a new standard for the businesses from whom they purchase. You must win their trust because they must believe in your product and your mission. Then and only then will Gen Z reward you with their support and loyalty. They certainly have high expectations, but we believe it will be a positive shift. 

Influencers are the heart of Gen Z marketing. Invite them to help you craft your narrative, and you’ll win over a generation of influencers that has the power to promote your brand like no other. 

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