How To Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns On Facebook

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For more than a decade now, digital marketers have been chasing the holy grail of Facebook algorithms in an effort to understand how organic likes can be generated. While the latest iterations of the ever-evolving algorithm have made it harder to garner organic engagement, Facebook has been amplifying its efforts to support a form of marketing that has taken off phenomenally in recent times – influencer marketing.

This creative, yet authentic way that brands have adopted to connect with their fans is nuanced and involves several factors working in unison for it to come together seamlessly.

Let’s have a look at what these are in this blog.

Paid Reach Vs Organic Reach

In a perfect world, brands would communicate their content on their page and it would automatically reach their target audience. Since 2014, brands have been noticing a decline in their organic reach. Especially in the last three-four years, algorithm changes have facilitated the appearance of user content on the news feed by prioritizing it over branded content. Today, paying for marketing content as a brand has become a part of any legitimate social media plan, albeit with a high degree of strategic nuance. Through Branded Content Tags, Facebook Groups for Pages, and a boost feature, influencer marketing is facilitated actively by the platform as a viable way to engage interested users.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

If we were to break it down to its very core, influencer marketing is an extremely direct way to get a brand’s message across to an audience via a medium – the influencer.

Does the brand have organic access to an engaged user base? No! Who does? An influencer!

Through content creation and brand values, they gain the trust of users, and brands leverage this trust to get their message across. The collaboration is a win-win situation for all the parties involved.  This focused targeting helps boost engagement, leads, and overall sales in the long run.

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Goals & KPIs Of An Influencer Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing, in general, requires marketers to establish specific and well-thought-out goals right at the outset of a campaign. This is true for influencer marketing as well. It helps track the performance of the campaign through metrics while it is in play, to tweak and fine-tune different aspects of it in real-time. The goals of a campaign can be related to social media engagement, page traffic, conversions, or revenue. The brand and influencer need to work in unison to tailor the campaign down to the very last detail, thereby creating a correlation between the content and the campaign goals.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Every product and service requires an end consumer for the brand to flourish. Influencer marketing is especially customer-centric. The entire process revolves around putting the brand’s message in front of the target audience. Intricate and detailed research goes into establishing the target audience of a brand before launching a campaign. A thorough research is conducted on competitors, online behavioral patterns, and buying personas associated with the brand. Once the target audience is established, both qualitatively and quantitatively, all marketing communication can be tailored to appeal to the respective niche.

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Finding The Right Influencer

While the main aim is to find an influencer who helps you connect with your target audience, you could start with the consumer and work backwards to find an influencer that resonates with them. This can either be done manually on Facebook or through a tool. The manual approach is to either use keywords & hashtags or to identify a pool of engaged users with your brand and study the influencers they engage with. If these social media influencers fit the bill for your brand, then they are probably a right fit for your campaign on Facebook. However, this process can be labor-intensive, especially for large-scale campaigns. Hence, there are tools and influencer agencies that can take this off your plate.

How To Approach An Influencer

One of the main things to keep in mind while approaching an influencer is to establish the value that both parties involved offer each other without veering on either side. By keeping it succinct and establishing the reasons you think the collaboration would be symbiotic and valuable, a brand can open a communication channel with the influencer before diving into the specifics of the campaign. The key to this is personalization. While you might be getting in touch with tens or hundreds of potential collaborators, the worst thing you can do is allow that to come through in your communication.

Creative Ways To Improve An Influencer Campaign

FB Live & Stories

Facebook Live is one of the newer innovations on the platform that allows brands to post video content that feels more genuine and in the moment. If an influencer can do a ‘Live’ unboxing or a tutorial using the products, or even attending an event for the brand, it helps them come off as genuine consumers of the brand. ‘Facebook Stories’ allow brands and influencers to post content that is more off-the-cuff and lasts only 24 hours. Hence the content can be of lower production value and more spontaneous.

Promotions & giveaways

Contests that have tangible giveaways for the consumers always work. They help build excitement and engagement on Facebook. It is also the best way to drive users to your website or the landing page. The influencer sharing a photo, video or post with the prize and linking it to the contest site is a great way to get the audience on board.

Video content

Almost half of the internet users in the world spend more than an hour watching videos on Facebook every week. Given that brand videos are usually byte-sized, that’s a lot of videos! The world has moved from static to dynamic and video consumption is at an all-time high. Hence, it makes sense for influencers to use video content that helps them connect with the users quickly.

One content format that has become popular recently is live streaming. Learn more about it here: How to Use Live Streaming In Your Influencer Marketing Strategy.

Cross promotions

Most contemporary influencers are omnipresent across social media channels and can leverage off their following across these platforms. The same post can be a photo on Instagram, a video on TikTok, a poll on Twitter, and a link to a landing page on Facebook. It helps to cast a wide net as not all followers, who are your target audience, probably follow the influencer on Facebook.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Insights are inbuilt analytics for brands to assess the performance of a campaign through various metrics. Monitoring the campaign in real-time helps understand the impact it is having on the engagement and reach of the brand. It also helps fine-tune the campaign to better suit the target demographic — identifying potential new demographics that are engaging with the campaign that you might have not identified earlier as a potential audience.

The metrics available help understand consumer psychology better. The sufficient data available on likes, shares, reactions, and comments the content is receiving is an undeniable marketing tool that eases the task of those driving the campaign. Not only do analytics help reach a wider audience, but it also ensures engagement. This benefits the brand and the influencers exponentially.

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Key Takeaways For Facebook Influencer Marketing

  • Organic reach is no longer a viable solution for brands that are serious about their online presence.
  • Facebook users trust influencers way more than they trust brands.
  • A set of tangible goals help drive an influencer campaign more effectively.
  • Content needs to be curated specifically for a niche audience.
  • The right influencer needs to align with the voice and values of the brand.
  • Audiences are more invested in ‘real’ rewards – giveaways, promotions etc.
  • Video content is the future of branded content.
  • Analytics is crucial to the success of a campaign.

These takeaways are an integral part of an influencer marketing campaign. You can master the art of it by checking out our blog: Ultimate Guide To Influencer Marketing: Everything You Need To Know.


By now, it is well documented that influencer marketing is right up there with the most effective ways to reach out to niche audiences on Facebook. Why spend months establishing trust through indirect methods online when an influencer can help you achieve the same in a fraction of the time? That being said, there is a science to getting influencer campaigns right, and that requires skill, experience and nuance. By establishing a set of realistic goals and crafting a water-tight communication strategy, brands can get their voice across the crowded spectrum of Facebook through a trusted and crafty influencer. The points mentioned in this blog can serve as an effective outline for an influencer marketing campaign that is personalized as per the needs and specifics of your brand.

Follow these best practices and use these ideas to create a winning influencer marketing strategy for your brand. If you’ve got any further questions, we are happy to help you. At AtisfyReach we provide services that help brands establish a strong presence across social media platforms, and connect them with influencers through tailored marketing campaigns. Get in touch, and let us help you build a true connection with your audience.

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