5 Secrets To Working With Facebook Influencers

Facebook Influencers

When we think of the collective suite of digital platforms that come under social media, Facebook was the first to go fully mainstream. In a way, it was responsible for the social media revolution we have witnessed over time. It paved the way for brands to advertise content and engage with consumers efficiently. One aspect of this is influencer marketing. While a large chunk of audiences, influencers, and businesses have migrated to newer platforms, some still thrive on Facebook with spectacular results to show. 

The bottom line is that plenty of companies still use influencer marketing to make money on Facebook. Let’s take a look at the top five secrets to working with Facebook influencers.

1. Partnerships

Standard post /video

Based on a pre-decided content schedule and posting strategy, standard posts are the static and video content pieces that make up the majority of a brand’s feed with influencers. These could be reviews, mentions, contests, giveaways, or generic product posts. These usually include a hashtag that pertains to a campaign for easy indexing.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one of many ways to get more likes on Facebook! A Facebook Live broadcast is a great way for an influencer to use, mention, or review a brand directly in real-time. This gives the influencer more creative freedom, but the fact that audiences can interact with them live and the influencer can react to them also increases engagement. This requires less scripting and production value as well.

The Secret?

Let us look at the popular game ‘Best Fiends’ who have invested 90% of their marketing budget into influencer marketing campaigns in the past. While they usually invest in scripted video campaigns, they sometimes shake things up – like this Facebook Live with comedian Laura Clery, where she got into a fictional argument with her real-life husband and had fans in raptures! Brands should encourage influencers to showcase their creative flair with live campaigns as the outcomes are surprisingly successful!

Facebook influencers Partnerships

2. Mastering the algorithm

Distinctive content

Every Facebook influencers starts as a creator, creating content that resonates with the audience. Brands are constantly looking for collaborations that offer the audience something unique. This uniqueness can come from the content itself or its method of presentation. Running-of-the-mill content doesn’t stand a chance against tough competition in a crowded marketplace among several talented influencers.

Target audience

Every influencer has a loyal fan base of engaged users and looks forward to the influencer’s content being entertained and informed. Brands can use analytics tools and quantitative research methods to collaborate with influencers whose audience is the same as their target group. This saves the brand the hard yards of customer acquisition as the communication reaches the audience straight from the horse’s mouth (aka, the influencer). 

Brand value

It needs to be understood that every influencer of note on the Internet is a brand within themselves, with their intrinsic values, voice, and tone. For a successful collaboration, the values of the business and the influencer need to align. This makes the communication with the audience uniform as well as authentic. Audiences appreciate genuine content and can easily tell if the influencer doesn’t reflect the brand’s values.

Revenue streams

A savvy influencer who has been in the game long enough will, in all probability, know multiple tricks to leverage content into revenue. Such influencers are more likely to keep your brand’s RoI in mind while crafting an influencer campaign. Influencers can earn sufficient revenue for themselves and your brand, between sponsorships, affiliate links, ad revenue, tipping, Patreon, and business revenue splits.

Tags & titles

SEO and indexing of content are as crucial to a campaign’s success as the content itself. Amidst an ocean of information on the newsfeed, content needs to reach the audience effectively. Hashtags and post captions are the best way to achieve this. Good influencers put sufficient time and effort into these aspects of content, thereby reaching a larger audience with less effort.

The Secret?

One of the earliest influencers to reach superstardom, Zach King, is a true testament that creativity and originality never go out of fashion. Having started on Vine, his style and storytelling have proven to be resilient enough to be now platform agnostic. His fans trust him across social media, and any campaign involving him will be a big hit. Brands should work with influencers who are well-versed in every aspect of their social media strategy for holistic success with their campaigns.

3. Building an audience

Actively engaging

The most successful Facebook influencers go out of their way to engage with their audience. It takes special skills to create content in a manner that makes it seem bidirectional. Every like, share, and comment needs to come from a place that is honest and heartfelt. Brands benefit significantly from working with influencers who create content that entices the audience to interact with it. 

More creative control

It does make sense that a brand is skeptical regarding the content being put out through influencer collaborations, as it is their neck on the line. However, one must not lose sight that the influencer is the content creator who understands the fans.While the brand can dictate the basic outline, the influencer should be given sufficient leeway with the execution to add their touch of originality and creative magic to it.

The Secret?

Different creators can help sell different brands to a loyal fan base. If we were to take the example of a content creator like Kristopher London, his pop culture presence and passion for gaming make him an ideal ambassador to engage with audiences regarding games, attire and everything else in between! It is important that these influencers aren’t pigeonholed and are given the opportunity to express themselves.

4. Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager Tool

One massive secret to succeeding at Facebook influencer marketing is mastering the Brand Collabs Manager – the marketplace platform that facilitates seamless collaborations and streamlines the entire process.This is a one-stop solution from defining the audience and finding influencers to creating customized creator lists and uploading briefs. The more optimized the ads, the higher the RoI.

The Secret?

The platform is completely free to use and exponentially simplifies the process of finding an influencer. Either through the ‘Contact Creator’ or ‘Project Brief’ buttons, the interface allows brands to customize their campaign needs based on several possible parameters to suggest a list of influencers that could fit the bill.

5. Promotions

Repurposing content and cross-platform promotions

Many brands give a new lease of life to their content by repurposing old content from time to time, on social media, by modifying communication. The same content can also be repurposed across platforms to avoid creative fatigue. To promote influencer content on Facebook, the same post can be modified into an image for Instagram, a poll or short tweet for Twitter and a short video for TikTok. This helps attract audiences across platforms.

Facebook Analytics

With influencer campaigns, it is sometimes impossible to predict what will resonate with the audience. Campaigns should be kept flexible enough to allow brands to go back to the drawing board. The metrics from Facebook Analytics can help understand what’s working and what isn’t while course-correcting a campaign. This helps optimize the creative process across the influencer marketing campaign.

The Secret?

To understand the concept of cross-platform content repurposing, let us look at an example of the same video by the same influencer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This allows fans to access a common landing page or destination from multiple sources if they miss out on Facebook.

A Cheat Sheet For Quick Consult

  • Every campaign requires adequate research to determine who the right influencer is. These influencers may vary based on their scale (micro, macro, nano, mega), genre (fashion, music, gaming, etc.), and platform expertise (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn).
  • While convincing influencers to collaborate on a campaign, choose the influencer who seems most passionate about the brand. Passion fuels creativity, effort, and originality.
  • Campaign goals need to be two-fold. Establish goals that are mutually beneficial to both the brand and the influencer simultaneously.
  • Put as much effort into sponsoring and promoting the content of a campaign as you do into creating the content itself.
  • While several broader reaching goals might be idealistic, they give the influencer tangible and achievable goals.
  • Investing time and resources in understanding and mastering the platform and its tools.

Facebook influencers notepad

As brands embark upon a journey of influencer marketing on Facebook, the focus should be on creating authentic content that can sway an audience to become loyal supporters. Be specific with goals, genuine with execution, and meticulous with tracking progress. Also, brands shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that content needs to be fun. Follow the tips (and get access to some well-guarded secrets) in this blog to make influencer marketing on Facebook a lot simpler and more effective.

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