Find Influencers On Facebook For Your Brand In 5 Quick Ways

Do you believe Facebook has lost its sheen as youngsters prefer to stay away, and you should not be looking for influencers on Facebook to promote your brand? 

Think again! 

Here are some stats for you. With a whopping 2.85 billion active monthly users recorded in the first quarter of 2021, Facebook isn’t only the largest social media platform but is an undisputed superpower of social media. And the one thing that makes Facebook indispensable and sets it apart from the get-go is that it’s simple and easy yet has highly effective community-building features (read influencer marketing). 

With Facebook, one could connect with strangers with shared interests, seek out family members and friends, and even gather a huge following regardless of their location! This quality turns Facebook into a diverse social network that merges all areas of life into one place. 

Today, thanks to its worldwide fame, strong tech force, community-building features, and impressive advertising platform, Facebook has offered a powerful way for brands to find, build, and test new audiences. This manifests in the form of millions of likes, leading to further reach. Consequently, you’ll expand and broaden your business’ horizons and get noticed with ease. 

The verdict: Facebook can deliver the right message to the right audience. Keep reading to learn more!

Facebook As A Influencer Marketing Platform

Facebook might be the oldest social media platform, but it doesn’t mean it is not flexible. It gives its users more elbow room to work around. The platform keeps updating its features which seem to be working in favor of brands. 

Ensuring your branded content is relevant and creative will help you build meaningful relationships with potential customers. When combined with the right influencers and made to fit a specific niche in the customer journey, Facebook becomes a conversion-generating machine!

The key to success is to rope in the right influencer for your brand on Facebook. With this, it’s time to get down to business — we present to you five smart ways to find the right influencer for your brand on Facebook. 

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5 Smart Ways to Find Influencers On Facebook

1. Start with a simple Google search!

I know, I know! It’s too obvious! But that’s something people forget sometimes. Let’s start searching for your Facebook influencer right here on our good old Google. Researching your target audience’s interests will most likely lead you to certain pages on Facebook, which are run by influencers. Dig a little bit more, and you might find the right person. All you need to know is who your target audience is and what they might want. 

When searching, add “site:” before your keywords so that you are only searching Facebook for the keywords within your niche. You can even put in your location to narrow down your search.

Consider this: If you are from the cosmetic industry looking for an influencer for your products, a good Google search should look like this: site: makeup tips.

2. Keyword search for influencers on Facebook

Using Facebook’s native search can be the next step in your hunt for the right influencer. All you need to do is put the right keyword in the search bar at the top of Facebook. 

When done, look for two tabs on the top – “People” and “Pages”. These tabs are going to show you specific entities that you can use for marketing your brand. You can further refine your search by choosing locations. Although cumbersome, you may strike gold in groups aimed at influencer marketing in your niche.

You can go for Facebook influencers who have their pages looking for a large audience, but individual influencers fare better in certain niche categories. To make this process easier, you can use filters like “artist, or public figure”. Once you’ve found the influencer on Facebook, you can then start building a rapport with them.

3. Search for the hashtag

Hashtag usage is quite popular on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter and is not used so frequently on Facebook, but it still works. In fact, they contribute to the efficiency of your ad campaigns on the platform. Make a list of some relevant keywords before you get on with the hashtag search. These may be keywords related to your industry or may even be related to your brand.

You can also take advantage of the hard work already done by your competitors. All you have to do is start searching for their product with a hashtag. Voila! The list of Facebook influencers posting about them will be revealed to you. You might not like the idea of working with the same influencers as your competitors, but chances are you may find some gem hidden in those pages that is good and available for you. Some hashtag tools can also work the magic for you.

4. Social listening

The easiest way to find influencers on Facebook is through social listening. What is “social listening”, you ask? Well, it simply means eavesdropping on conversations happening on social media! This way, you can find those interested in your brand or those who keep posting about it. Monitoring social media with certain relevant keywords can help you find people who are talking about it. These could be the same keywords that you used for searching on Facebook or Google. These keywords could be anything related to your industry – your brand name or competitor brands. 

There are many social listening tools available to help you narrow down your search. Besides searching for influencers, these tools let brands engage with customers. These tools will develop a list of posts where your brand has been mentioned or the keywords have been used. So, you’ll be able to get a long list of people who are posting content in your niche. You can then go through the list and vet the Facebook influencers you may be interested in.

5. Influencer discovery tools

While all the above steps can help you find Facebook influencers, these are often time-consuming processes. Moreover, you will need to conduct a lot of research to ensure that you don’t end up collaborating with the wrong person. 

To overcome these issues, you can use influencer discovery tools. A lot of such tools are available. These tools have a huge database of influencers from a various niches, on different platforms, and they can find influencers for you depending on their locations. 

Facebook, too, has come up with a tool called “Brand Collabs Manager” which makes it easy for brands to search for and discover influencers. This feature shows you an “audience match” of what percentage of an influencer’s followers match with your brand. To make collaboration easier for corporates, Facebook lets them mail the influencer directly.

Since you’ve managed to reach the end of our smart list, here’s a bonus for you! 

Bonus! Seek followers’ help 

You can just put out a public call and ask your audience if someone intends to join hands with you. You can put a rider on the number of followers to keep the number of search results low.  

…Now that you’ve successfully managed to identify an influencer for your brand don’t forget to build a long-term relationship with your influencer.

If you have luckily met the perfect influencer to run the ad campaign for you, it would be wise to build a long-term relationship. It’ll be mutually beneficial for both parties if they have a genuine interest in the business. While a one-off campaign might be helpful to increase sales temporarily, an influencer who understands your business well can help you with multiple campaigns and bring in more business. Now that is what we call a win-win for both parties!  

Go on, rise above the digital noise as a brand.

Laying out a good influencer marketing strategy is crucial to the ROI of a brand, and so is the search for the right person to do the job. This is time-consuming, energy-consuming, and resource-consuming! But it is absolutely essential, and you know it. Just follow the points highlighted in this blog, and if you are in luck, you will land a perfect match. 

But what if we said you could save the headache and leave the hard work to professionals? Yes, you read it right! AtisfyReach, our AI-based platform, is meant for businesses like yours who need help with creating an effective influencer marketing strategy and running successful campaigns. We can save you the trouble and match you with the influencers of your choice in your niche. 

So, register your interest and talk to the experts today!

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